Monday, April 26, 2010

you've come a long way, baby...

Out of pocket cost for broken arm: $3000
(Including four months of physical therapy)
Physical therapy for weak ankles: $660
Monthly gym tuition: $260
USAG fees: $150 annually
Mandatory summer camp: $320
Sparkly team uniform: $180
Sparkly team warm up: $50 used
Leotards for practice: $40 per leo
Goop for hair: $10
Sparkly spray for the same: $8

Learning how to overcome adversity, handle disappointment with grace, get back up again when you fall, conquer fear, be tenacious, develop concentration, work hard, be humble, manage time, gain balance, have grace under pressure, be a good sport, overcome the thought life, exercise determination, develop both physical and mental strength, take direction, value sacrifice, be satisfied with one's best, and end the year as ALL-AROUND STATE CHAMPION: