Friday, June 02, 2006

curtain call

I had a little trouble with my daughter starting first grade, but, in the end, we both passed with flying colors.

The pretty one, the funny one, the smart one, the fast one, the loud one, the friendly one, the polite one, and the rambunctious one-- they can all take a bow!

(If anyone has read the script for second grade, I'd love to know what part we'll both be playing!)


Cynthia said...

Hey could you pass me the first grade script? I mean since you're done with it and all.

lorie said...

Just so you get it back to me in a few years!

Nancy L (formerly C) said...

Not to scare you but there is more and more improv the older they get!

lorie said...

Good thing I've had a few theater classes, then, eh?

When did the name change happen, Nancy?

Nancy L (formerly C) said...

I had it legally changed back to my maiden name on March 9. :) I like it much better!!