Friday, March 30, 2007


The "after" picture from her Spa Party today.

Been too busy raising my kids to write about it...
...I keep telling myself that's the way it should be...
but I miss it! Hopefully more soon!


Anonymous said...


What a darling picture of your daughter!
A spa party now that rocks! I look forward to reading that post.
I had a spa day, the day before I got hitched. It was freakin sweet!

lorie said...

Thanks, Angela!

So, tell me about YOUR spa day?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie

Now, my spa day started with me leaving within a half-hour, crying. Yes, crying....

My spa day was a gift and the certficate, was non-existant according to thier system. Unable to get ahold of folks who gave it to me, I just left. Once, home I pouted on the sofa with my little maxy and had a mental melt-down. My soon-to-husband, was at a loss at work b/c he couldnt fix it and make me a happy princess.

Finally, I did get a hold of the gift-givers and she made some phone calls. She was able to get me back in and resolve the situation.

So, I returned ready to start fresh and enjoy some relaxtion before making a major life-time commitment.

It started with a HOUR body massage, in peace and quiet. Then I got my hair cut and all the little curls styled just perfect. After that it was off to visit the manic manicure tech. That girl needed medicated, I think....A little hyper for a spa setting. Then the final stop was the mute pedicure tech. Not, sure if he ever spoke a word. hehehe Regardless, it all rocked.

Once home and walking in the door and hearing my soon-to-be-husband say, "Wow, you look really hot!".

Now, thats priceless.....hehehe

Loved the spa day post and pic of the girls! Adorable!!!

Queen Angela