Sunday, March 02, 2008


25. I could eat pizza for every meal. And sometimes I have.

26. I have also been known to eat an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

27. I have, despite a fear of heights and falling, climbed three mountains. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

28. I have been "saved" at least 12 times. I lost track somewhere around Jr. High...

29. I work out an average of five times per week. I HATE IT.

30. After a decade of trying to make my naturally curly hair "feather," I made an inner vow to never blow dry my hair again. And I haven't.

31. If I ever won the lottery, I would get a tummy tuck. Suffice it to say that pregnancy was not kind.

32. I am a compulsive shell-picker-upper. You don't want to go to the beach with me, unless you like to do so, as well. (And if that's the case, stay out of my way!)

33. I read Calvin and Hobbes religiously while it was in print. It is my favorite cartoon of all time.

34. I've been in every state east of the Mississippi, and a handful west.

35. We have a goal to see all fifty states before our youngest graduates from college.

36. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I craved Chipotle incessantly. I went at least twice a week, and for the entire last month of my pregnancy they gave me my food for free because they were afraid I'd give birth in their dining room!

37. I love to hike. We do so several times a month. My oldest can do eight to ten miles, and my youngest just made it to two or three.

38. I love to camp. As long as there is a real bed, a real toilet, and a real shower.

39. I am still close friends with the first friend I made in kindergarten, despite the fact that he lived in Japan for ten years.

40. I collect rocks. And shells. And handblown glass ornaments. And "blue things." And artsy cat knick knacks.

41. Apparently, I collect collections.

42. I am running out of shelf space.

43. I don't have cable, and you can't make me get it.

44. My 20th high school reunion is this fall. I am actually looking forward to it. But now that I've typed that, I realize that I'm also scared to death about it...

45. I wish I'd started using Mary Kay about ten years sooner.

46. When I was fifteen, I told my boyfriend's mother I could see myself working at a church, talking to people about their problems, and praying for them. So I went to college and majored in music. Fifteen years later, God reminded me of this conversation, as I sat in my office at the church, counseling people and praying for them.

47. Music was just the first of five majors. I still graduated in four years, and still minored in vocal performance. (I was also one credit hour short of a minor in French.)

48. My husband had ONE major, decided upon it when he was in late elementary school, graduated, and worked in that field for over 15 years. I don't understand that for the life of me...

49. I have known my husband now for longer than I didn't know him.

50. I always carry in my purse chapstick, cinnamon gum, a pen and paper, and a snack. I will not carry anything for you, so don't ask me.

More (perhaps) to come at another time!


cj said...

I have been thinking of doing this myself since one of my other blogging buddies did one a few months back. I recall having done one a couple of years ago on my other blog, so things change of course. Inspiring.

Please no Sandi Patti for me. I love ya, but--no.

Kaite said...

I understand the Chipotle thing...Luckily my husband has worked there for the past 6 years! I would eat a veggie burrito everyday if I could. This, however, does get expensive! :)

Anonymous said...

getting to know you thru your blogs is so much fun for me! and funny, and interesting, and surprising, and did i say funny already? : )

I.I. said...

"I read Calvin and Hobbes religiously while it was in print. It is my favorite cartoon of all time." -- that strip was genius, absolute genius.

"I have known my husband now for longer than I didn't know him." -- yeah, me too, with Valerie. I am getting close to having been married half my life.