Monday, February 23, 2009

a smattering of haiku

I came across several finished but not shared poems as I sorted through my scraps of inspiration this weekend. Thought I'd share a few:

i cannot control
that which should be con-
trollable to me

banging head on wall
blood covering my forehead
the wall does not move

red-stained rag in hand
you speak to me mystery—
“my grace is enough”

two glasses iced tea
and an iced café mocha
make one sleepless night

touch my fingertips
to the sun-speckled surface…
oh, to go deeper

waves lap my heart’s shore
awakening the senses,
bringing refreshing

tired, longing for
divine initiation—
come and move in me

anger and mercy
do not mix where i come from—
i cannot trust you

brush-strokes uneven,
painted into a corner—
no where else to go

low-lying black clouds
limit visibility
obscuring my view

listen as silence
whispers to my heart—all else
clamors to be heard

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