Sunday, March 15, 2009

speech meet

Bub (in the middle) with two good buddies at the ACSI regional speech meet this past Friday. Three kids from each class get chosen to go--last year, she learned about disappointment. This year, she tasted success. Despite being sick (and you thought I was kidding when I blamed the kids), she received a Superior rating and a very pretty blue ribbon. Next year, she wants to write her own speach. You go, girl!

Writing will resume when I can lift my head up off the couch long enough to pull out my laptop. Gathering complete thoughts and forming them into sentences doesn't seem to be a realistic goal at this point. So, in the meantime, me and the cat and my extra ten pounds aren't going any where. Season Three, here we come.

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krista said...

Aw honey
I watched you walk out of the service on Sunday coughing... and didn't see you come back. =( Hope the goo goes soon.