Monday, July 25, 2005

those who know me well will chuckle

I have a daily flippy-calendar thing that sits on our breakfast table. I'm not normally into these, but it was a gift and it is Timothy Botts, whom I LOVE, so we continue to flip through it. This particular one goes through the various names of God.

So, looking for an enouraging word, I flip over to today's name and devotional, which, of course, is for my birthday, and I nearly choke.

Today's name is "Refiner and Purifier."

It reads, "This description of God is found in a prophecy meant to deal with a complaining people who had forgotten God's faithfulness. Now, as then, God seeks saints who are willing to permit Him to refine their character as well as purify their lives." (Malachi 3:3)

Of course, July 24th was "Life-giving Spirit..."

Beth? Tammy? Karen? Cindy? Anyone rolling on the floor yet?

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Amy Barchini said...

I've been reading Dean's blog and today I found YOU there!
Amy Hook!!!!!!