Monday, February 25, 2008

fear or trust?

I've posted this quote once before, but it strikes a chord with where I am currently, so I decided to post it again:

Writing...I've discovered, has much in common with resolving weight issues. You can proceed from the fear that unless you force yourself to do it, you won't. Or you can proceed from the belief that you want to do it, and will, but that doing it may sometimes look like not doing it. One way is as difficult as the other; both require perseverance and commitment. The way you choose depends on how you want to live. You can fear yourself or you can trust yourself.

Geneen Roth

"...doing it may sometimes look like not doing it..."

Brilliant. Just brilliant. I can't say it any better.


Jack Bunny said...

I've studied your small quote for awhile now. At first it made no sense to me at all. Now I'm starting to reach an understanding of sorts ... And I'm not sure if this pleases or scares me.


Angela said...

great quote, i will have to re-read her books. I am back on the diet train.....did i mention i am starving right now! i love dieting.......hehehehe

lorie said...

Hey Jack--the reason this resonates for me is because I began to get freaked out, when Tom went back to school and I didn't have time to write, that this whole writing thing would just dry up and I would again "lose my voice." There have been so many creative pursuits in my life that I have fanned to a flame, only to have them die out and never be revived. I feared that writing would be the same. This quote speaks to me that I can either panic and force myself to write so it doesn't "dry up," OR I can trust that this will always be a part of me and it's okay to have a season of not writing, if that's what the season needs to look like. Does that make sense?

I'll consider your email, btw. Don't know if I can come up with 103!

Angela--hang in there, sister. You can do it!!!