Tuesday, April 21, 2009

something more

a friend of mine emailed me today "pleading" with me to post something. "i know you're in a raw place," she acknowledged, "but it's such a treasure to read your heart. more, more, more!"

i found that ironic. i've been working, these last few days, on getting a second blog ready. the title? more.

i've been very open on this blog about my struggle with food, my body, my weight. that struggle has been especially intense lately, and the way i process best is to write. i like the current format of this blog, and therefore do not want to devote it solely to the purpose of my neurotic and, let's face it, lame issues. so i have created a home for those ramblings, but will still keep you posted here when this struggle is rearing it's ugly head.

you can read "more" at:

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