Monday, June 01, 2009

summer "break"

I've finally coaxed myself off the porch before the mosquitoes could carry me away. Next stop is bed--early, for two reasons. One is the killer head ache I've had since, oh, say Friday. The second is due to having to work early tomorrow morning. Both children are conveniently in one bed, which means my daughter's is open. Having spent the one spare hour I had of our first day of summer vacation dismantling my bedroom, I will spend tonight in the neon room, because I've had neither the time nor the wherewithall to put it all back together.

Putting it all back together. Indeed, not something I've had the time or energy to do.

Hopefully this week will bring a few pix from the end of the school year, and a post or two that have been bopping around in my head. In the meantime, I'm going to grab a couple more ibuprofen for the road...


Kimberly said...

Can mosquitos carry a person away?

I assume you were renovating in the bedroom?

I do pray that the headache leaves and stays gone.


lorie said...

Not renovating, just rearranging. That's all the budget will allow, but that's another post, if I ever have the time!

And yes, the mosquitoes here are pretty hefty!