Wednesday, June 03, 2009

wild wacky wednesday, take one!

Our first official Wild Wacky Wednesday of the summer! Went to Easton and saw, you guessed it! Up, in 3D!

Our official grading:

Bub: A (I'm not supposed to tell anyone she cried)
Me: B/B+ (The beginning killed me, and the scrapbook. The rest just wasn't very compelling. Not Pixar's best work. But not bad.)
Buddy: "E+ Because it kind of scared me. But I liked it. That's why I gave it a plus."

Other movies on the list for this summer:

*Extreme Games: The Movie
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Aliens in the Attic (This one has yet to win me over, but ever since Grandpa showed them the trailer online, it's ALL I hear about. THANK YOU, Grandpa!)
Planet 51

Other fun outings we are considering:

painting our own pottery
Chuck E. Cheese
Magic Mountain (AFTER we get the library coupon!)
the zoo
the pool
Zoombezi Bay (AFTER we get the zoo coupon!)
Playing in the fountains at Easton

Other fun ideas?

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