Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the state fair: a photo essay

top ten things i love about the fair:
1. for one whole day, i don't feel fat, frumpy, out of style, or underdressed.

2. i leave with a newfound appreciation for my own children. i get to watch my daughter be my daughter...

...and my son be my son.

3. the sky lift. the best three bucks ever spent after ten hours on your feet. (with the exception of the 25 cent massage chair...)

4. fried dough with sugar on it. 'nuff said.

5. the ferris wheel. what's not to love?

6. more food on a stick than you can shake a stick at.

7. the state fair youth choir. summer of 1986. ah, the memories...

8. baby cows. can you get any cuter?

9. bright, colored, twinkly lights. lots of 'em.

10. cows made out of butter. only in america.

hope you enjoyed! we sure did!


cj said...

I love this Lorie!

I wish we would have made it to the fair this year. There truly is something about all the smells, sounds, and people watching that makes it so much fun. Even if you do need a shower when you get home.
Thanks for sharing!

krista said...

GREAT pics your cuteness.