Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Forty Things I Love About My Husband (On His Fortieth Birthday)

  1. He does housework. The list could end right there.
  2. He also does laundry. The list could end here, as well.
  3. He also cooks. Need I go on?
  4. I will go on. He is a fabulous father—loving, nurturing, almost always responsible. Almost.
  5. He has a great sense of humor. The kids love it. I, on the other hand, mostly put up with it.
  6. He loves adventure and living life, not watching other peoples' lives.
  7. He is hard working and has more integrity than many men have in their pinky fingers alone.
  8. He is disciplined. Half of the time I love this, the other half I can't stand it. Usually, it depends on whether or not the discipline works in my favor.
  9. He honors his parents and his family.
  10. He honors our family and treats me with respect and appreciation.
  11. He tells alien stories to the kids around the fire out back. The kids love it. I, on the other hand…
  12. He washes and cleans out my car. And he doesn't get too mad if I don't notice.
  13. He helps with bedtime. All of it. And if I don't feel well, he does it ALL.
  14. He has a great smile.
  15. He has fabulous gray-green eyes that crinkle around the edges when he uses that smile.
  16. He most often uses them both on me.
  17. He has a great, um, errr, well… backside, shall we say?
  18. It's the only spot on his body with any body fat—that is worth being happy about.
  19. He gets a great tan with little to no effort. Unfortunately for me, his kids got lucky and inherited that gene, so I am the only pale one around here.
  20. He has put up with me for twenty-one years now, and counting.
  21. He hasn't left yet…
  22. He promises he won't.
  23. He's a man who keeps his promises. Always.
  24. He supports my desire to write and encourages me in it.
  25. He believes me when I say I have a headache. (Could be because I usually have a headache…)
  26. He doesn't watch sports unless we're with someone else who does. The list could end here, as well.
  27. He likes to play with the kids.
  28. He likes to go on dates.
  29. He likes to go to the theater or symphony. Or the art museum. Or…
  30. He's fairly almost sort of patient with me much if not most of the time. Most…
  31. He doesn't rub it in when I don't deserve any more patience.
  32. He gets over things quickly and he doesn't hold a grudge.
  33. He is kind and gentle and affectionate.
  34. He is strong and powerful and provides for our family.
  35. He is completely invested in being the man God has called him to be, and continues to pursue it, albeit imperfectly at times.
  36. He is a man of faith, strength, and honor.
  37. He reads my blog. (He and three other people…)
  38. He is better to me than I deserve. Honestly.
  39. He is truly, madly, deeply crazy in love with me. Still. And I know it.
  40. And did I mention he has a nice, um, you know

Happy Birthday, Babe. I love you. Truly.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! I'll meet you there in 78 days!