Saturday, September 17, 2005


My daughter's time in her first big race!

15th place in the one-mile Fun Run at her school, out of over 100 K-3rd graders!

We find out on Monday where she placed within her grade- we think she might have been third, which equals a "trophy," but we're not sure. We keep emphasizing that it was a "Fun Run" and that she did her best time ever, and that is what is important. I hope she remembers that come Monday!

Can I just say that I cannot even run a mile?!?!? Amazing.


amy said...

What's even more impressive than the fact that she can run a mile at all, Lorie, is that a good mile time for a HIGH SCHOOL girl is just under a minute quicker than your daughter, who, I'm sure has much shorter legs than a 16-year-old! I went to districts with my high school track team for running a 6:20 mile!! Bravo.

lorie said...

Yeah, I thought that was pretty fast! She gets that from her father- obviously!