Wednesday, September 21, 2005

no tired work

I'm spent. Three trainings led and one staff retreat attended since Saturday, one full day of clients and another training to lead yet to go before I rest. My eyelids have been heavy since 2:00 PM. My heart is stirring within me to write, but is being over-ridden by all other major systems. I will sleep. I will write, God willing, tomorrow. Or not. But for now, I must rest so as to be of worth to those for whom I am responsible before God.

Rest. It is wrong to force work. Rest until Life, Eternal Life, flowing through your veins and hearts and minds, bids you bestir yourselves, and work, glad work, will follow.

Tired work never tells.

God Calling

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krista said...

Jesus...fill our sweet Lorie with all that is YOU today. Your strength, Your song, and your tender love for her...fill her Holy Spirit... for her. Fill her cup, so fully that she is able to operate out of overflow as she relentlessly gives this week. Refresh her as she works, You mountain mover You. Bust into her "now moments". Be visibly present.