Thursday, September 01, 2005

interesting question...

"Language supplies us with ways to express ever subtler levels of meaning, but does that imply language gives meaning, or robs us of it when we are at a loss to name things?"

Lucy Grealy, Autobiography of a Face
(Which, I might add, is an incredibly good read.)

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krista said...

Ok.. so I read this late last night...which isn't good for my brain, because at that point in the day, its normal 5 percent capacity is depleted by about 95 percent.
My brain kept inserting the word "chocolate" in the place of the word language. =)
I love the meaning your language gives to motherhood. It has been a great encouragement to me as a fellow mom to read the stuff of life right now, so wonderfully put.
So at this point, I am robbed of my ability to express how much I enjoy who you are Lorie....but... if I could express it... might it give more meaning to our friendship??? Hummmmm.
Thoroughly Twisted,