Monday, October 17, 2005

writing prompt 10.17.05

Write about something that reveals something about your personality, without writing about yourself.

Bright red against the blue sky—color contrasting color like fire against water, like passion against peace. Tethered to the cold, hard concrete, it is difficult to tell whether it bobs and bounces on the wind with great security over being grounded or with great frustration over not being free. The tension in the cord is obvious—the purpose it serves is not. Were the color at the end of it set free, would it be with great fear or great relief? Or would it be, as are most things in life, some complex and confusing combination of both?

Red against blue—two passions at odds with one another.

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Krista said...

Oh, how I love this!
I think this is my favorite Lorie piece so far!