Sunday, October 30, 2005

adjusting (or not...)

He left me alone tonight with an empty rocking chair.  

The sadness still hangs in the air just as we left it on Friday—camping with my parents for the weekend served only as a colorful diversion, not an escape.  Not that I expected it would be—I just didn’t expect my husband to go back to work this evening once the kids were in bed and leave me alone on my first cold-lapped night.  That’s all.  

I promise I won’t go on and on about my cat.  It’s just that empty rocking chairs shouldn’t be faced for the first time alone.  


Julie said...

I was sorry to hear your cat left your side for a new Heavenly adventure. I believe pets are like silent children. It's always suprising how much they add to our lives,and cannot be measured until they are gone. I believe there are animals in heaven-some people don't. but what else is chasing the mice out of the Heavenly horse barns otherwise? Joy to your spirit.

lorie said...

Thanks, Julie. I believe she's there...