Wednesday, January 21, 2009

home freezing home

There are two kinds of travelers. There is the kind who goes to see what there is to see and sees it, and the kind who has an image in his head and goes out to accomplish it. The first visitor has an easier time, but I think the second visitor sees more. He is constantly comparing what he sees to what he wants, so he sees with his mind, and maybe even with his heart, or tries to. If his peripheral vision gets diminished...his struggle to adjust the country he looks at to the country inside him at least keeps him looking. It sometimes blurs, and sometimes sharpens, his eye.

Adam Gopnik, Paris to the Moon

It will come as no surprise that I am the second traveler. It will likewise come as no surprise that my husband is the first. He is very gracious, however, in allowing me to attempt to match up what I "see" to the vision I have in my head, because he knows that, while I may become a neurotic, melancholy mess in the process, the outcome is usually worth it. Here are a few snapshots of our trip, which included seeing manatees in the wild, two swamp hikes (complete with alligators), three days at the beach (complete with shelling), dinner at The Bubble Room, and an incredibly expensive round of putt-putt. A good time was had by all, and I am only mildly melancholy upon our return, which is a vast improvement upon my norm.

Fort Myers Beach--our first, and best, day at the beach, in my opinion. This was the day I wrote the "sitting" post. It was also, more importantly, the day we had ice cream for dinner.

Standing with her Poppa against the waves of this world... (This is Barefoot Beach, our coolest and choppiest day at the beach.)

We visit Sanibel Island every trip we take to see Aunt Rhoda, and every time we take a pix of the kids on this log. I have a frame at home to put all five in, to mark the passage of time.

This is also at Sanibel, after I returned from one last shell sweep. Notice my children have no clothes on. I had on a sweatshirt. This is further evidence that I am getting OLD.

Now, I am off to bed, where I will crawl atop my heated mattress cover and not move again until morning, having worked 10 hours today and facing 12 hours tomorrow!

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