Saturday, January 03, 2009

six words

i came upon a fun little book sometime this summer on the "six-word autobiography," and have been playing with it ever since. you can find more here. here are a few of my attempts:

one new year's resolution after another.

missed the truck. hit the wall.

always one word short of six.

midlife crisis looms around next corner.

the one that didn't get away.

ember smolders but still burns red.

care to give it a try?


Anonymous said...

That's a funny idea. Here's my first try:

It always seems easier on television.

What do you think?

Jack Bunny said...

Must you bait me with these?
Don't you know that I'm weak?
This will ruin my writing style.
My friends will laugh at me.
My agent will likely drop me.
Even my dog will disown me.
And it will be your fault.
I really hope you're happy now.


lorie said...

I like it, Kim! Good one! And JB, I hope this keeps you good and busy! (:))