Friday, January 13, 2006

haiku at the zoo

(inspired by the coral reef tank-- our favorite winter hang-out)

salt water ballet
color extrodanary
flows in slow motion

giggles and bubbles
grubby handprints on the glass
life beneath the sea

divine artistry
brings forth unfathomable

follow me, sissy!
-over, under, through, between-
adventure awaits!

the masses move in perfect


Shaun Barber said...

This is proof that you are a great poet and should start slamming.

danthress said...

wow, these are really good. i feel like i'm there. thank you so much.

lorie said...

thanks, guys! still don't know about reading...

danthress said...

shaun, why don't you let Lorie and I have a haiku-love match slam between rounds of the jazz slam?

lorie, in this type of format we read back in forth 10 haiku's. higest score wins. maybe 5 rounds would be better.

lorie said...

interesting thought... scarey, but interesting... I could be persuaded, perhaps...

amy said...

Not to redundantly repeat all the compliments that came before, but these are really great, Lorie. They make me want to go to the zoo.