Friday, January 27, 2006


(thought of this after I wrote the previous post--wrote it in 1996)

the slow boil.

the motion begins slowly from within
—molecules soon colliding at
lightning speed—
heat is generated…
the burn.

bubbles begin to form—
from deep down you begin
to churn—
changes are coming.
a violent reaction to
outside stimuli—
an internal

once all was placid, smooth—
once there was peace.

now there is motion.
now there is yearning.
now there is need.
now there is heat.

burning, churning bubbles
fighting for an outlet—
colliding with a force
that shatters all stillness.

in their frantic spinning,
they rise from the bottom,
they struggle for the top—
they overcome…

and they are released.

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Postmodern Sass said...

Lorie, would you please email me about the next Carnival of the Mundane? I'm helping Dean out with his carney duties.