Wednesday, January 11, 2006

hiaku for adding a second aerobics class

class one, session two
intermediate, my _ _ _
what was I thinking?

seventy pounds lost
a glutton for punishment
(please pass the cookies)


Krista said...

Skinny Lorie,
This is hilarious!!! I love your new "haiku thang"...
It is so encouraging that even after losing 70 pounds and looking on the outside that you don't give a RIP about food IS TRULY a life long battle that everyone chooses to fight or NOT.
I know that some people have an "easier time" it seems than others, in the area of staying fit and eating healthy... but I think that everyone has their "thing" that wants to get the best of matter how long victory seems to have been waged. We all must fight something. It's time to dust off my armor again.

lorie said...

Oh yes, Krista--this is my "thing," as you put it. It is a daily struggle, especially when I am unable to control my environment. I am in fairly constant fear of gaining it back yet AGAIN. Ugh. Oh, for freedom! But I'm getting closer- the shackles are fewer and lighter!

krista fox said...

Hey, but you're going to SPEAK about weight loss pretty soon here! yea!!!! Yet another thing to add to your testimony!
It's like depression; it's a life long battle to hang onto truth and Jesus when the "chocolate cake" of worry, despair and self protection are beconing!